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Rachel & Joe | Wedding This was easily one of the most fun weddings I have been to in awhile! Everyone was so laid back and just truly enjoyed the day. Rachel and Joe, y'all are the life of the party! 

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My Top 15 Baby Items for 0-6 Months I read a lot of mommy blogs and skimmed Pinterest daily trying to figure out what I would need for the twins. To be very honest I haven't even used most of the stuff they suggested. With babies it's literally all about trial and error. You just have to find what works for you and your babies needs! I did want to share some of the things I found useful though. This is just a quick list of things we have truly used over the past 4 months! 


1. Cool mist humidifier. Seriously I never stop running this thing. I even put a few drops of the FridaBaby breathe drops in it when the babies get stuffy!

2. Bouncy seats AKA lifesavers.  I feed the twins in these when I am alone and they love to sit and play in them! Plus mommy can brush her teeth and not worry about a dog licking them to death on the floor. 

3.These burp clothes were recommended from another momma and they do not disappoint! These are all we use cause they are so soft and wash up really nicely. This would also be a great shower gift if you got them monogrammed! 

4. ANYTHING FridaBaby! This is the sick day kit we have used and I continue to order the breathe drops and the wipes! They also have sleep drops. which are just lavender, and I have those on order to try them out!

5. I wasn't sure how sensitive the twins' skin would be so I was playing to sage by buying only Pamper's Sensitive diapers and wipes. Every month I would order this bulk set of wipes. My mom would also order them when they were on sale and send them to our house. The twins are almost 5 months (um when did that happen) and I have yet to buy wipes, we are still using the back stock! These are normally $29 and they are on sale for $26 right now!! 

6. Deciding on a baby monitor was so hard for me. I needed something I could see both babies with, but that was also just an overall good quality camera. I found this one and I loved that I was able to change out the lens to a wide angle one! I can see and hear both babies with it. We have it mounted on the wall over their beds.

7. Both babes are starting to get their bottom teeth in! I registered for these teething toys and they have been SO great for us recently. They are small enough for them to put in their mouths and flat so they can chew them easily. I also like to keep some in the freezer and the cold really helps with those mean teeth! 

8. Like I started earlier you just have to find what works for your baby! We tried SO MANY different swaddles and finally landed on the Love To Dream ones because the babies liked their arms up. We were in these several weeks and are now currently in the Merlin suit. Once the baby shows signs of rolling from tummy to back they transition out of the first swaddles! 

9. Okay, don't think I am crazy but we use two sound machines in their room! I registered for this one, and it's awesome, but them my MIL got us a little one that plays a scene on the ceiling. We don't use the slideshow part but when I turned on the extra ocean noise with the normal sound machine I saw that the babies slept even better. They were both in the NICU and got use to loudness-which was such a positive from the NICU! Also, when I put the babies down for naps I let the baby shusher run for a few minutes to soothe them. I call this the triple threat of sounds. 

10. I'm not even sure how I found this detergent, but I ordered it early in my pregnant and washed EVERYTHING in it because I loved the smell so much! Plus, it's so gentle on baby's skin.

11. We are loving this sweet little play mat! I don't like a lot of flashy, loud toys so this was perfect for us.

12. I was scared to *death* to clip their nails. Like, I kept my babies' hands covered for weeks cause their nails were so long. Please tell me someone can relate?! I FINALLY found this nail drill filer on Amazon and it's been a lifesaver! The hands are now free! 

13. Anything black and white is great for baby's brain development, so I found these little books and we read them all the time! 

14. I had a former bride (Shout out to Morgan) send me this as part of my shower gift and it's a GAME CHANGER! I have 3 total little booty spatulas. I keep two in their bath time caddy and one on the changing table. I put Aquaphor on every night after bath time so it's easier to have two and just clean them both after. I have one green one by the changing pad to use as needed! 

15. Lastly, the best hangers for baby clothes! They come in so many color options, but I did grey so I could use them with both babies. It was so hard to find the little ones like this-the 11" ones. All the other velvet hangers were too big!


I hope this helps to narrow down things that you have been thinking about! If there is something you have loved and truly used let me know! I do love to try new products for the bebes.






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Kristy + Scott | Wedding I can now say I have photographed a POLISH wedding! Both bride and groom have Polish roots and chose to do so many fun traditions to honor their heritages! It was such a flawless day from start to end, and I love that I got to be part of such fun! 


I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!



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Sky + Owen | Wedding Sky and Owen's wedding day was a dream, and one word comes to mind when I think back on yesterday with them-joy! Everything was perfect, but the love that Owen and Sky share is something so rare. They are truly living for the Lord and they showed that in their ceremony. As you'll see in the pictures, we have a great worship service right before they said, "I do" to each other. I am so lucky to be part of so many special days. I think this was the perfect kick-off to my 2021 wedding season! 

















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Morgan | Bridals Morgan is a DREAM bride! So laid back and down for any of my weird ideas to get a good shot!

So her grandfather and my great uncle (by marriage) are bothers....this totally makes us related! Well, at least we say so anyway!

I have been itching to share these pictures with you because she is just flawless! 


I know I have said it 453894732895 times before but I LOVE my brides!

I can't wait to share more from Morgan and TJ's best day ever so keep an eye on the blog for that!



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Lauren & Matthew | Engagements These two went to school together back in the day. Not until many years down the road, and several cities later, did they meet back up and reconnect!

Seriously. These two and their willingness to try all my crazy locations and ideas made me so excited for their September wedding! 

Check out some of my absolute favorite shots from their sweet session!

Uh, pros much?


They could not be any more perfect 

GAH! One of my most favorites from their session!

Great job on that ring, Matthew (;

That light and her hair <3 

A huge reason why I include an engagement at no charge with my wedding packages is because it is SO important! They are going to know EVERYTHING at their wedding now! You know what that means, right? More time to take pictures cause they will be pros at posing! Sorry, Matthew! 

September seriously can't get here fast enough!



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Courtney & Colby | Summertime Engagements I have known both Courtney and Colby for some time now! Courtney was a KDP senior 4 years ago and Colby has been in so many weddings that I have had the please of documenting! Now I get to document their wedding in February!! The second Courtney texted me asking me to do her wedding I knew this would be special. So we book the engagement session and it turns out to be a perfectly sunny day! By sunny I mean miserably hot. Texas heat hot. Did they complain once? NOPE! I had them all snuggled up and still no complaints!

OH! If you saw my Instagram post last night...and you still don't know what those black, blurry things in the background are...just wait for it.

So check out some of my most favorite shots from their sweet, summertime engagement shoot! 


This was one of the first shots we got, I mean could they be any more precious?


Okay, so here comes the part of the day that I almost died at. Really, y'all these things tried to steal my soul (good thing gingers don't have one!).

We go out to the same location where I did Court's senior session (cue tears) and I slightly freaking out because there are these massive beasts glaring at us. Yes, Courtney and Colby were cracking up at me cause I am FREAKING out at. You think cows are all cute and would let you pet them or whatever. NAH. These evil things wanted to run me over. They start getting closer. And closer. Then they are RIGHT UP ON US. I'm nervous laughing/talking and Colby had to shoo them away...BUT THEY DID NOT GO AWAY. Did I mention that we were standing by their feeding thing and they probably just thought we had food? I then come up with the fun idea of them two in front of the cows! Confession: I just wanted to put them in-between me and the evil milk producers. We got some cute shots and were all dying of laughter. So shoot goes on and at one point I hear a cow come up right behind me and I SPRINT behind Courtney and Colby. I have no shame, I am a total wimp. Anyways, we shot and laughed and nobody died from a cow attack! Go team!!


This was right before I hid behind them cause I here a cow behind me who wanted to eat me alive.

And then I made the littlest friend! Greenly was the cutest helper I have ever had (Sorry Ty!)


So I hope you enjoyed my super accurate retell of the evil milk producers and fell in love with Courtney and Colby's love like I have! Them two, that summer light, and an open little photographer heart was overjoyed!

February can't come fast enough!!



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Meagan Harris | Senior Meagan helped me kick off my 2017 Spring Break by being so fun and easy to work with! She was my first of many senior sessions this past week, and I just had to share some of my favorites from her session! 



You know this session is going to be fun when this is like the 3rd picture you take! She has the best laugh!

STOP IT! All the heart eyes 

Can't handle her cuteness

This is only a fraction of her full session! I can't wait to get these all done and to her!


Meagan you are a DOLL and I wish you the best of luck at SAU next year! 



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Spring Styled Shoot | 2017 Y'ALL. It's been months since I have blogged, so obviously this shoot is super important! This is the styled shoot that I did, along with some AMAZING vendors, and the product is so great!

My vision for this shoot was super simple, but elegant all the same. Now, let me remind you that I have never done something like this before! It was a learning process as a planner, as well as the photographer for this shoot.

Here are all the super sweet vendors that were so willing to help bring my vision to life! 

Venue: Blessing Tree Farm

Florals: H&N Floral, Gifts, and Garden 

Dress and Tux: Traditions 

Cake: Sweet Rose Bakery

Videography: Fresh Focus Films

Models : Carrie & Clint Surratt

Hair: Carrie Surratt

Make up: Texarkana Makeup Artistry 

Jewelry: Micah's Jewelers 

Photography: Kendal Dockery Photography 

I highly recommend these guys for any wedding, or other needs! They were all so willing to help with this shoot and I absolutely can't wait to work with them again! 

Okay--enjoy some favs of mine from that day!

Seriously could these two get any more perfect!? SUCH a fun day with everyone! 


Here are a few behind the scenes pics too!

It was just a perfect day shooting exactly what my heart wanted. Thank you again and again to the vendors who went above and beyond for me!



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Jordan& Zack | California Wedding It al happened so fast. I left school early Friday afternoon and got on a plane to Laguna Beach, California. The next day I was shooting a perfect beach wedding! Then back home to Texas Sunday! If this was one of the most fun experiences I have ver had, I can't even imagine how Zack and Jordan were feeling! It was their wedding weekend!

I got to the guy's house around 2 that day and hung out with them, and shortly headed to the girl's. Thank goodness the two houses were close cause Cali traffic was about to send me to the ER with high blood pressure!

We ended the evening on the beach with only the closest of family and friends around. It was such an honor to be there and not just see it, but to preserve these memories forever.

I hope you enjoy Zack and Jordan's wedding day!

 Nolan and Zander were SO peaceful when I got there!

On the roof top of the boy's house!

THIS DRESS. This is the top part, and the under is a stunning champagne colored slip! So neat!


Jordan is seriously the best momma.

and drop dead gorgeous.

Sweet P!!!


I mean. can a couple get any more perfect. 

Perfect family of 5!

Thanks for climbing up rocks for me! <3

I'm sorry I'm so obsessed with you two

 of course I had to snag a picture with these perfect people!

Jordan and Zack, I am so thankful to have shared this day with you, and given you something that all those sweet boys will look back on with you two. Love you both so much!



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Cylas & Braxton | Engagements Cylas has been a beautiful bridesmaid for me several times, and I've gone to school with Braxton for who knows how long! I was beyond thrilled when Cylas booked me for their April wedding!

I got the chat with Cylas when she came over for me to do her make up, and she shared all about how he proposed and we just got to gush about the wedding--those are the moments I just love!

We started at North Ridge Country Club, and then moved on to Braxton's grandparents's PECAN ORCHARD! I honestly can't even describe how much I love these two, their love, and Jack!!

I had just the best time with these sweet people! Their April wedding just can't get here fast enough!



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Megan & Tyler | Engagements I am so ashamed that it's been FOUR MONTHS since I have blogged. Thank goodness for spring break! Prepare yourselves for some major KDP blogging of gorgeous couples and stunning seniors!

So the first blog of the week is this sweet couple and their baby girl, Reese!

Megan and Tyler are so precious to me. I was honored to be the only one to see the proposal and capture it, and now engagements! 

Get ready for some seriously gorgeous sunlight, love, and bell-sleeve dresses!

The three amigos!



So (not) so funny story--right after we left this spot Megan realized she had lost one of her Kendra's! NOON. We searched. No luck. Thankfully Megan did not loose the one that was shown the most! Looking for the positive, right? 

Their love makes me smile.


They were such troopers all day!

and perfection. 


I am so obsessed with these two love birds! I know that their June beach wedding will be the most fun!

Love you two!




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Jordana Wright | Bridals Sweet, sweet Jordana! Y'all, I LOVE this girl! Her bridal session was actually the first time we met, since her and Chris live in Houston! We were fast friends, and I was even more excited to photograph her special day! 

She is just as precious as she is stunning, and she works as a nurse in the ICU. Isn't she incredible?

Check out some of her bridals!


Always laughing and smiling <3


Next I'll be posting her WEDDING! It's one sweet backyard wedding you don't want to miss.

Love you, Jordana!



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Karlie Kempson | Senior Over the past years I have had the privilege of photographing all the sweet Kempson girls, and now the youngest is finally a senior! Francie asked to book and I was instantly excited and super sad, knowing she would be my last senior shoot for this family! 

Ty and I went up to Fayetteville on Sunday morning and had the chance to explore, and he showed me around the U of A campus! I sure wish I had gone there!

Shoot time came and we could not have asked for prettier weather!

Here are some of my favorites from Karlie's Fayetteville senior shoot!

Dickson street, you never disappoint! 


These were on the Arkansas campus...I want to move to Fay just for this light!


I just can't get enough of these pictures!

Thanks for bringing me to Fay, Kempson family! 



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Sam Shoalmire | Senior Since when did seniors turn into like full blown model babies? Sam is literally just as gorgeous on the inside as she is outside!

We had such a blast!

Sam, I could have photographed you for hours more! Thank you for choosing me to capture such a special time in your life!

Love you!



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Alanah Smith | Senior My sweet Alanah! You are so genuinely sweet! I loved every second of our session together. 

Thanks for being willing to try any crazy ideas that I came up with!!!

WHY are all my seniors so perfect!?!?!?!

obsessed with you

I'm convinced we are the same person, and you still owe me a dinner date! 

You are going to do big things in this word with that sweet attitude.

Love you lots!



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Corey & Cory | Engagements Yes, I am WEEKS late on blogging these last few sessions! Teaching has taken just a liiiiiitle of my time up!(: Hopefully sharing this goodness now will bring back some sweet memories of summer time!

These two love birds were a dream to shoot. Super relaxed and followed directions perfectly!


Is girl Cory not the pretties thing?! Gah

Missing that summer time light! 

Sure can't wait for their wedding next year! 



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Jessica & John | Wedding From start to finish this day was PERFECT! I'm pretty sure I had just as much fun as the bridal party, too. It was just such a joyous occasion and I couldn't have asked for a more laid-back day, or a more prefect couple! 

Seriously so thankful for you, Jessica & John! 

Sheesh Kyle-could you just not be so crazy talented with those flowers?! 

Aren't they PERFECT?

What bridesmaids are really for!

So in love with this church!

My favorite bridal shot!!

The party was only starting.......

HAHAHH Haley I adore you! 

Brolo--You're wedding is NEXT!

Sweet sister love<3

Literally the last picture of the night--how perfect! 

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I do! I had a BLAST with everyone!



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Ruth & Dustin | Maternity It's been SO long since I have photographed maternity photos! I was thrilled when Ruth contacted me and asked if I would...and I just couldn't say no!

Tell me these parents don't have some fabulous style! 


Baby Liam looks like such a perfect little basketball in there! 

Ruth has the most perfect skin!


Baby Liam will be here before we know it, and I'm so thankful I was able to capture these moments for these awesome parents to be! 



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Ashley & Jonathan | Wedding After sifting through the hundreds of photos, I finally narrowed it down to the ones I wanted to blog about! Ashley and Jonathan's wedding was flawless from start to finish, and I'm honored to have captured such a big day for them!

From the perfect dress, crazy amazing flowers, a phenomenal bridal party, and a wonderful couple, I know I couldn't have asked for a better day to photograph! 

I hope you enjoy their wedding day story as much as I do! 


Kyle--you are a flower GOD! 





I hope you have a happily ever after, Mr. & Mrs. Coleman! Love you both!



[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:15:17 GMT
Ashton Roy | Senior I'm pretty sure we spent more time laughing at each other than anything else on this shoot!

Ashton has such a big personality, and I adore this girl! 

Enjoy her senior shoot with me!

  PLEASE keep in touch, Ashton!



[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 29 Jun 2015 21:25:32 GMT
Madison Smith | Senior I know 2015 seniors have already graduated...but better late than never...right?!

DONUT you love a pretty ginger? You'll get the joke in a minute.....

Thanks for being fun, mads!


my favorite <3

there is not angry way to say bubbles 

Yay gingers <3





[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Thu, 18 Jun 2015 00:25:19 GMT
Kearston & Amon | Wedding Okay, this is a super long wedding post but it's worth taking time to look at!

This day was so effortless and fun, I felt like more of a guest than the photographer. Kearston and Amon, thank you so much for allowing me to capture such special moments for you! 

THAT LOOK! I just love them

A wine mixing! I looooove this idea!

Aren't they perfect?

Gorgeous handwriting from my former kdp bride Becca Murray! <3

Sweet Joradan singing the bride and groom's first dance song!<3

two of my favorite guests <3


Keatson and Amon, I know you two will have the most amazing life together and I can't wait to capture future moments! I mean hello, y'all are totally stuck with me from now on.




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Jessica | Bridals If you have ever wanted to see a real-life barbie doll, well then here is your chance!

I have been dying to share these ever since I got them edited! 


Make up-Amanda Magness (Brides give her a call because she is fabulous!)

Barbie Bride

When I grow up I want to look like her

Such a trooper in that HOT and humid Texas weather! 


STOP. IT. How can someone even be that pretty?

Special shout out to Julia-You da real MVP for being a fabulous dress holder

Now that the bridals are posted I can't wait to get the wedding edited! It was a fairytale! 



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The Cox Family Yes, KDP is FINALLY getting back into family pictures! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect family to start back with family pictures either! 

This was sweet baby Luke's six month session!


It took a minute to get this sweet face warmed up to a crazy ginger sticking a camera in his face! 

but then look at that smile!!!

Favorite shot of the day! He is just so cute!

those eyes!

I mean...they should be on a billboard or something 


oh,hey dad

stop it.

I could have photographed this family all dang evening! Thanks for making my transition back into family photography so enjoyable! 




[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 15 Jun 2015 02:00:36 GMT
Tristen Collins | Senior Why am I so stinking late posting these?! Oh you can enjoy the beauty that is Miss Tristen Collins! Such a trooper on her senior shoot!


SHE BROUGHT A HAT! I was so giggly!!!

I mean...I didn't even know people could be this perfect 

The cutest ginger I know.


Thanks for running across fields with me to get the perfect sunlight! <3

It was a prefect day filled with gingery fun! I know God has special things planned for you, ginger baby!




[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 15 Jun 2015 01:48:43 GMT
Hanna Pate | Senior HANNA PATE! I remember you and Mal were my first neighbors when I moved here eleven years ago. I can still think back and see that tiny little blonde girl swinging in the backyard with us, and now you are about to graduate high school! I feel so old, yet so thankful to know you as a friend.


stop it


Hanna you are so gorgeous, inside and out! Love you!



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Candace Davis | Senior Okay I had the BEST time with this pretty girl! She just giggled at me the whole time, and we got so many fun pictures! We literally rescheduled her shoot three or four times, but that bright sunshine was so worth waiting for!!

Why didn't I look like this at 18? SHEESH

Good luck at LA Tech, sister! I know you will be the cutest cheerleader there! Love you!



[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 01 Jun 2015 15:51:52 GMT
Kearston | Bridals This girl y'all...she is the most laid back, sweetest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and photographing! We are friends because of our sweet Becca, who's wedding I shot two years ago today! My brides are the literal best.


Isn't she perfect?

I love you, Uta! Thank you for being a KDP Bride!

Miss Anna Edwards did her hair

Burlap and Lace is responsible for this super cute set up



[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 01 Jun 2015 15:21:45 GMT
Shelbi & Josh | Engagements Let me just say how much I adore these two! Shelbi and Josh are high school sweethearts, and still just as in love as back then! We had a beautiful, sunny day on our hands and we sure took advantage of that. How can you go wrong with a stunning couple. sun shine, and confetti?!?! YOU CAN'T

I LOVE when couple bring their fur babies!!!!!

Y'all are seriously perfect 

Thanks Caroline for being our official confetti thrower!!!

I absolutely can't wait until these love bird's big day! I know it will be so wonderful!



[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 25 May 2015 18:15:40 GMT
Ashley | Bridals If you don't think Ashley is totally flawless, you have issues. Her bridal session was in down town Little Rock at the Old State House and it was so much fun! Even though it was gross and rainy outside, we still made the best of it inside.

These were just a few of my favorites, because if I posted them all you would be here for awhile! So excited to finally share these, and next is finishing up her beautiful wedding! EK!




[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Mon, 25 May 2015 16:54:14 GMT
Morgan & Josh | Engagements This was such a special shoot for me. Morgan was hired at Micah's when I decided to leave and pursue my teaching career full time, along with my photography! I've have known Morgan and Josh for around a year now, since she took a spot at the jewelry store, but they are part of the Micah's Jewelry family so I was honored when they chose me as their photographer! 

Morgan and Josh are high school sweethearts! 

One of my favorites! Morgan, you are too cute!

Absolutely cannot wait for this wedding!



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Chelsea | Bridals EK! Doing bridals outside in the middle of December sounds pretty scary...but luckily it was around fifty degrees that morning! Chels was a total trooper, too! I loved the overcast, wintery feel to all of these. Chels, you are beyond gorgeous! 


I wish more of my brides did bridal! They are such fun!

Chels I will have you some wedding pictures SOON!!

xo kendal

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Nikki and Todd | Wedding Nikki and Todd were easily the most relaxed KDP couple of 2014! Their day flowed so smoothly, and I couldn't have asked for a better day to shoot. The sun was bright and the bridal party was great! Love, love, love this fun couple! 

Enjoy their wedding photos! 

Hope you love all of these photos as much as I do! Nikki and Todd I know God has some amazing things inshore for the both of you! 

Love you!

xo kendal

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Mary Stewart Shores | Senior Oh, sweet Mary Stewart! This girl was such a joy, and so truly beautiful! I love when my seniors take advantage of the limitless clothing changes I give, and boy did she! I think we squeezed in 7 or 8 outfits for her shoot!!

If you love some a simply stunning, classy senior shoot then you will love these pictures! Enjoy!

Green dress and hot pink Kendra's? Uh, YES! 

Classic beauty

I believe this was the one that momma cried and cried about in her ordering session. Said that I just captured the real Mary Stewart on this one! Yes, I was crying along with momma as well knowing that my picture of her baby moved her to tears! 

Ole' Miss is too lucky to have a sweet girl like you!

She's sassy. 

Mary Stewart you are such a sweet, loving girl! 'm glad you chose me to capture such a special time in your life! Love you!

xo kendal

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Caroline Purtle| Senior What a ball of energy this one! From the moment I met Caroline and her momma I knew this would be a great shoot. With her style and my camera skillz (yup, with a Z) I knew we couldn't go wrong! Sweet Caroline was incredibly comfortable with me, and in front of the camera, so we just had a blast with it! 

Hope you love these because I know I sure do!!


Literally like the second picture we took. OKAY PERFECTION 


Cause she's fabulous, duh

Can we just take a moment and appreciate her (and her grandmother's) appreciate for shoes? LOVE



Guess we were feeling artsy on this one

She's going to be a longhorn! So proud of you!

get it, girl 

Don't kill me for this one! It just cracks me up! Love you!

Caroline, I know you are going to do BIG things in this world! Don't forget that you are always a KDP senior! Love you!!

xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Sat, 03 Jan 2015 03:00:59 GMT
Kelsi Allen | Senior Pumped to share this beautiful shoot of the stunning Kelsi! She was such a trooper with me and just laughed when I started making my stupid jokes and comments. I'm known for my comedy, not my photography, didn't you know?

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 

THAT COLOR ON HER! Perfection! 

She broke out the fur. I was giddy.


Kels you are flawless! 

Isn't she just the cutest thing?! Loved photographing you, Kels!!

xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Sat, 03 Jan 2015 03:00:50 GMT
Jessica & John | Engagements Can I just start by saying how gorgeous this couple is? Jessica and I have been friends on facebook/have a lot of the same mutual friends but didn't realllllllly know each other, so when I saw that she had gotten engaged I was praying she would contact me...and she did! We booked right there for her beautiful June wedding and I am beyond excited for it! 

Enjoy some KDP engagements!

He did thing's right and went to Micah's Jewelers!! Love her two-tone ring!

Sweet Ryder came to give kisses! Or was this Wrigley? Either way he is precious!

Okay, barbie doll!

I was loving this brighter light on Jessica's farm!

The place where John proposed to her! <3<3<3

I LOVE when couples want to have their dog included! I mean, it took an hour to get this shot but we got it!


They are perfection

We ended in her grandparent's front yard! Such a fun shoot with these two!


xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Sat, 03 Jan 2015 03:00:34 GMT
Ashley & Jonathan | Engagements I've been so excited to share these! I think it's just too neat that Ashley was a senior when I was a freshman and now I will be photographing her wedding in May! She wanted to shoot at Jonathan's lake house in Hot Springs and it couldn't have been more perfect.

A stunning couple and a beautiful location makes for some pretty pictures! Enjoy!

They are seriously perfect. 

favorite! I adore ash's dimples! 

I'm hilarious. or maybe just really awkward which makes my brides laugh. either way it makes my brides smile!

Had such a great time with these two! Love you both!

xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Tue, 23 Dec 2014 22:52:24 GMT
Nikki Morrow | Bridals Can't believe I am just now finally getting to share these! Another fabulous morning session, and Nikki looked beyond stunning!

Thank you Northridge for allowing us to shoot there!


I mean, does it get any prettier?! Be on the lookout for the wedding post later on!

xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Tue, 23 Dec 2014 22:30:39 GMT
Kearston & Amon | Engagements I first met Uta (Kearston) at Becca and Blake's wedding where she was one of the bridesmaids! Later that summer she became engaged and I secretly wished she would contact me for pricing...and she did! It's been love ever since.

Uta and Amon's engagement session was seriously so fun. Amon thought I was crazy for all these weird poses I had them doing, but Uta trusted me so that's all that mattered. They woke up extra early for me so we could shoot in the glorious morning light!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from Uta and Amon's engagement session! 

Can't wait till April when they're beautiful wedding will happen!

Love y'all both!


xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) Tue, 23 Dec 2014 22:05:41 GMT
What to Bare

I can't even begin to tell you how many different foundations I have tried. Nothing EVER covers right, or it breaks me out, or it cakes up, I mean the list literally goes on and on. As I started on my journey to a land of better makeup I began to learn the correct ways to apply foundation, use primers, and most of all what brushes to use. My first encounter with legit foundation was summer of 2012. Sephora and just opened. Broo was throwing things at me to try and fix me. MakeUp Forever HD was my first foundation love. It covered my freckles and blemishes like freaking white on rice. Our love affair lasted around two years. Does anyone else's skin become use to make up? Like the make up just stops working one day. Just me? Oh, okay. Then I began to use Nars HD foundation. Oh em gee. My skin never has looked so perfect in its entire life. Sadly, something in the foundation was causing deep under-the-skin pimples. I was on the hunt again.

I have tried the BareMinerals mineral foundation before. What a joke on my skin. It refused to ever look smooth, cover my freckles, or even stay on for over two hours. So, when the new BareMineral liquid foundation came out I was a skeptic. While I was in Sephora one day I asked them to make me a sample of the foundation. SO MUCH YES. Even though the sample was a three on the shade scale (since I am a ginger they don't see that I am tan, they just think pale leprechaun) and way too pale, the consistency and coverage was amazing. I currently wear a seven in the foundation and think the world of it. It's totally light-weight and gives really great coverage for everyday wear. When I want a little more coverage I first use Garnier BB cream then put the BareMinerals on top of that. 

A large part of my makeup wakeup was in the brushes. The better the brushes the better the makeup looks and stays on. When I used MakeUp Forever foundations I used a large stippling brush. The BareMinerals foundation is a little more of a liquid consistency than that, so now I am using a large airbrush brush-#55 at Sephora. BareMinerals has a special brush you are supposed to use with it, but it just didn't work for me and my skin. I could never get the right amount of coverage that I liked with their brush. I Apply 3-4 drops on my #55 brush, swirl around my face with the airbrush, then set with Nars setting powder. So far I have stuck with this foundation for 2 months with no complaints!


You can get the BareMinerals really anywhere-Sephora, ReNew Spa (here in Texarkana), or order it online.

I am currently wearing shade seven in the brand

This is the #55 large airbrush that I have replaced my stippling brush with. You can get this from Sephora in store or online


I hope this has helped you in some way!

xo kendal

[email protected] (Kendal Dockery Photography) bare bareminerals brushes foundation liquid makeup minerals Fri, 01 Aug 2014 13:00:00 GMT
Kristi & Josh | Wedding This is the post I know a lot of people have been waiting for! All the stunning pictures from Kristi and Josh's amazing Mexico wedding! 

I can't thank these sweet people enough for choosing me to capture such a big day, and so far away! They, and everyone there, truly made me feel like family. There is so much to say about this wedding and I don't even know where to start, so I think I will let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!